Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Plans for this blog

Hello everyone and welcome to Country Music Review. This blog will review country music CDs / MP3s and make purchase recommendations. I tend to lean towards the traditional side of country music, therefore you probably will not see a review on Taylor Swift or Rascal Flatts.  That’s not a promise, but at this time I don’t see them being reviewed here. However, you will see reviews on newer artist such as Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. I plan to start reviewing soon and hope I can review at least one per week.  I would like to have your thoughts on the reviews, just keep it clean, and also some suggestions of what you would like to see. 


  1. Welcome to the country music blogging world. You've posted some well-written and thoughtful reviews already and I'll keep checking back to see what's happening over here.

    Are you the same person who was writing the chart summaries over at The 9513 forum? I really enjoyed reading those. If that's you, I'd certainly like to see you revive those here. If not, I'll still look forward to upcoming reviews.

  2. I'm just starting out and hope I can make a contribution to the community. I actually didn't realize there were so many country music blogs until after I started this one. That was not me on 9513 writing the summaries. However, I haven't seen those and need to check them out. Thanks for the comment. Hopefully I can get some full album reviews out soon.