Friday, March 25, 2011

Now That's Country: Faith Hill Says No to "Pop Country." Her Most Traditional Country Song

It's time for another edition of "Now That's Country."  The first featured Tim McGraw, so I figured why not feature Mrs. Tim McGraw (Faith Hill) for the second edition.  As many of you know Faith has definitely been leaning toward the more "pop" sound for a while now.  However there was one song that I had always enjoyed.  It was on her first album, "Take Me As I Am", which by the way can be had super cheap now if you are a Faith Hill fan.  The song is "But I Will ".  Faith actually had a video for this song and it was released as a single but never really did good for her.  I always thought Faith had a lot of talent, even more that Shania.  However, the lack of country radio play didn't help convince her to record many songs like this. 

The song is a good traditional country, heartbreak song.  The woman is confronting her man who is coming in from being out all night.  The woman has warned that "the last time would be the last time" and this time it is over.  Nothing he says is going to change her mind.  She doesn't "want to stop loving (him) but she will."

This song came out about ten years too late.  If this song had been out in the eighties, it would have been a huge hit.  Unfortunately, it is a song hidden away on her first CD that most people have never heard, and may not ever discover.  Faith proves that she can sing traditional country and any song for that matter. Give the song a listen, this is Faith Hill at her best!

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