Sunday, March 20, 2011

Now That's Country: Tim McGraw "Kristofferson"

This is the first installment of “Now That’s Country.”  As I said in a previous post, this is to display what I feel are real country songs.  These songs may have been released as singles , tracks on CDs, or just mp3 only releases.  I hope these tracks may help those who are trying to put together an ultimate mp3 set, but some of you may feel the songs are good enough to justify purchasing the entire CD.  So without further delay, here comes the first one.
My first pick is going to be Kristofferson by Tim McGraw.  I feel this is one of McGraw’s best songs and probably the most traditional song that he has ever done.  The song was released on Let It Go in 2007.  "Kristofferson" was actually released as a single but received very little air on country radio compared to McGraw’s other songs.  This makes me wonder if a song like this would have been a hit, if McGraw would record more songs like this?  While some artists sing what they want to, I believe that other artists would prefer traditional country.  However, with corporate radio refusing to play it, they stick with what is more likely to be a hit.  That’s my opinion anyways.
The song itself has a real country subject: drinking and leaving.  The man comes home to find a letter from his woman saying she is leaving.  Disappointed that the woman only needed a half a page to say goodbye, the man decides to “fill in the empty space.”  Of course he does it with a bottle of 90 proof.  If you haven’t heard this song, I suggest you give it a listen.  If you have heard it back when it was released, I hope this jogs your memory and helps you remember what a great song it was.  While McGraw may not have been your first thought when talking about "real country music", all I can say about this song is: now that's country.

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