Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bradley Gaskin "Mr Bartender" Single Review

Is this a single review or a “Now That’s Country” review?  Well it could be both.  This is probably the song I have been most excited about coming out so far this year.  "Mr. Bartender" is the debut single from a new singer Bradley Gaskin.  Gaskin won a contest held by John Rich, which got him a recording contract.  From what I have heard so far, Gaskin seems to be a more traditional sounding country artist and will be a welcome to challenge today’s modern crossover acts in country music.
The single was actually suppose to debut with the album, which is set to come out in May.  However, during promoting the album, the song was such a hit, the decision was made to release the single now. The first thing you will probably notice when you hear “Mr. Bartender” is the similar sound that Gaskin has to Travis Tritt during parts of the song.  The song sounds like it belongs on 1980s country radio, which may actually hinder it getting played, but it is up to the fans to request the songs and let your voice be heard.  The song is a traditional country song about a man trying to drink away his pain from a lost love.  Ultimately, the man wants the bartender to give him the strongest drink that he has and even request for “Mr. Bartender take me out with one shot.”  For those of you with concerns about the likeness to Travis Tritt, you need not be worried.  I have heard Gaskin sing some of his other songs and the correlation isn’t there.  If you are a traditional country music fan, this is a song that you must give a listen to. 

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  1. I love it! But I thought for sure it was a duet with Travis Tritt.Great Job!