Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jason Aldean "My Kinda Party" Review

Back in November, Jason Aldean released his fourth album, My Kinda Party.  His previous three albums kept building in success for the Georgia singer, and fans were eagerly awaiting this latest release.  I for one planned to buy the new CD right away, however life got in the way and I found out that Wal-mart really doesn’t carry many country CDs anymore.  Therefore it was only a few days ago that I finally got around to listening to the entire album.
My first impression was that I was a little let down.  The album has what I believe will be several number one hits (two already have hit number 1), but the fact that I couldn’t I didn’t like every song on the CD like in his previous three versions left me a little disappointed.  However, like his other previous releases some of the songs have grown on me a little.  I’m going to try to hit the highlights for you and try to avoid a making a long boring post about the songs I don’t like.
Tattoos On This Town is a great song to start the CD.  It’s about a man reminiscing about the things he and his friends did while they were young.  The song has a small town feel to it, even though it is the normal fast paced song Aldean typically sings.  The man said him and his friends left their mark on the town and the town left its mark on them……”like tattoos on this town”.
Dirt Road Anthem is a song that I love, just not by Jason Aldean.  It’s not that he does a horrible job with the song, it’s just a song he shouldn’t have tried to cover.  This is the first of two songs written by Brantley Gilbert that Aldean covers on this album.  The original version was sung / rapped by Colt Ford with Brantley Gilbert providing vocals for the chorus.  Aldean is no rapper, but does a decent, but not spectacular, job with the chorus.  With that being said, if you have never heard the original you may love Aldean’s version.
Church Pew Or Bar Stool is about living in a slow moving, small town.  The person in the song says he doesn’t fit in because he doesn’t run with the church goers or the drinkers in the town and therefore isn’t accepted by either group.  The person wants to get out and chase his dreams in a big city and leave the “church pew or bar stool kind of town.”  The song has a neotraditional sound and Aldean provides great vocals.
Just Passing Through has a nice beat and Aldean provides a great vocal performance on this song.  The chorus is performed in a unique, catch way and the song should get great reviews from most.  I believe the song has a chance of being released as a single.  The storyline revolves around being in love with a person so much that you feel like you are living in their world.
Fly Over States is a song I really like.  It is about the states that people usually fly over when traveling from the east coast to the west coast or vice versa.  The song reminds me of Amarillo Sky and Fast.  Aldean once again cuts a great song that relates to the farmers that keep the country running.  While it does relate to that profession, the song focuses more on the beautiful parts of the country that they live in.
I Ain't Ready To Quit is another great love song by Aldean.  The man in the song professes he isn’t ready to quit loving a woman.  The first verse compares smoking, drinking, and driving too fast with the way he feels about their love.  I don’t look for it to be a single, but it is still a really good song.
It Ain't Easy is another love song that questions why someone would love him.  The man ask himself why he does what he does, and why a woman sticks around.  The woman is the person that holds the relationship together, while the man acts like he has nothing to lose.  The only downside to the song is the fast pace makes it seem short.
Country Boy's World is my favorite on the CD.  The song describes a Jersey girl who has found her way to the south and doesn’t like the lifestyle.  While the girl is looking for a way out, a country boy asks her to go for a ride in his truck and show her around.  The chorus describes where he carries the girl to around the south and eventually talks her into staying with him.  I believe the song will be a single and could end up being the biggest hit on the album.
Heartache That Don't Stop Hurting is a song about breaking up.  The song describes having breakups as being normal and getting over them.  However, this is the one that is going to last and the person just can’t get over it.  The tears keep falling and the pain won’t stop hurting.  This is another potential single and could also be a hit.
 This review has taken me a couple of days to write and I have continued to listen to the songs. I didn’t include My Kinda Party and Don't You Wanna Stay (With Kelly Clarkson) in the review because I’m going to assume that everyone has heard these songs on the radio already.  They are both great songs and both have hit number one.  I may have been a little harsh at first by saying I was disappointed, but I still think there is some filler songs.  I think the album would have been fine with the songs that I put in this review, but some people may like the other four songs.  Overall, it is another hit record for Jason Aldean that has at least eleven great songs and will continue to produce number one hits.  If you are like me and haven’t had time to pick up this CD yet, I highly recommend adding it to your collection.

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