Friday, April 22, 2011

Now That's Country: Mark Chesnutt "Lost In The Feeling"

I could really pick several Mark Chesnutt hits to fit into this category, but I happened to come across this one while I was looking for another song.  I originally thought it was a newer song, but after doing some investigation it turns out the song was originally released on an album back in 2000.  What’s even better is the fact that it is a cover of a Conway Twitty hit.  People who cover traditional country music lately are few and far in between, but covers of Conway seem to be even more rare.  Blake Shelton is the only one that I can think of in recent memory that covered Conway and I don’t know if it’s the fact that country music is in a “pop” phase or because Conway is such a hard act to follow.  It’s been said that Conway was “the best friend a song ever had” and that is for good reason.
Never the less, finding this video on YouTube helped jog my memory and now it seems I remember hearing this on the radio some back when it originally came out in 2000.  That was back when radio played Mark Chesnutt more.  Chesnutt has stuck to his roots and beliefs and continues producing great traditional country music, which is why we don’t hear much from him.  Chesnutt’s latest album is full of covers from the “outlaws” of country music and he has even put several covers on albums leading up to his latest release.  However, I don’t think that any of them can even compare to his performance in this song.  “Lost In The Feeling” is a classic country love song that was one of Conway Twitty’s best songs and Mark Chesnutt has done the song proud.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the song available as an mp3 alone.  It looks like the only way to own this is to buy the CD.  That being said, if the song raises chill bumps on your arm like it did me when I heard it, you probably won’t have a problem purchasing the CD just for this song.

Lost in the Feeling

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